4 types of stocks everyone needs to own

So you’re thinking of starting a portfolio, evaluating how your holdings have performed, or considering some portfolio spring cleaning? Here are four types of stocks that every savvy investor should own for a balanced hand. 1. Growth stocks These are the shares you buy for capital growth, rather than dividends. Growth stocks are essentially shares […]

How to Buy Stocks

Buying a stock — especially that first time you become a bona fide part owner of a business — deserves its own celebratory ritual. But before we pick out shareholder party hats and rent a ticker tape confetti cannon, let’s review the specific steps for how to buy stocks. Step 1: Understand your options for […]

The growing impact of technology on the insurance and banking industry

Technology is at the core of almost every conversation I have with organizations in the insurance and banking industry as they look to optimize and transform their business operations. Interestingly, technology is no longer just an enabler for business optimization but fast becoming a disruptor of traditional business models and thus cannot be overlooked. It […]