The Best Shares You Can Buy Today in Indian Markets (For Beginners)

The stock market is one of the most lucrative and addictive money-making opportunities in the world. It is one of the best investment ideas where, if you get everything right, you can make tone of money while doing nothing. But if you get it wrong and you could lose every single penny that you have ever made. So, for beginners it can be the lion’s jaws, but jaws that pay back well.

As a beginner you have to be very careful before you invest. You need to read, a lot. You need to study the markets continuously and with focus. You need to study the trends, the companies and how the market is poised. So, to make it easier for you I made the top shares to buy today Indian market has to offer. So, read up and start investing!

Hindustan Zinc

All the companies I have listed are not high return companies but rather safe bets that you can invest without spending much thought on whether you are going to lose money and Hindustan Zinc perfectly fits that criteria. It is the leading supplier of Zinc in the country and is one of the safest stocks that you can buy, especially with the rising Zinc prices that will only take the stocks higher and higher as the revenue increases.

Jagran Prakashan

Jagran Prakashan is a company with a golden touch. It owns a lot of companies and most of the companies under it are leaders in their field. For Example, the company’s Dainik Jagran is India’s leading daily and Mid Day is Mumbai’s undisputed number one when it comes to evening dailies and Radio one is among the most popular radio stations in the country. So it’s a winner if there ever was one in Indian stock market.

NLC India

NLC India is the only Indian energy company to feature in the list. The energy business is among the best you can invest in currently since it will never run out of demand. NLC is a government owned company that has announced a buyback of shares at Rs 88 and the current price of the same share is Rs 66. That should be enough to convince you.

HeroMotor Corp

HeroMotor Corp is one of India’s leading motorcycle manufacturers. Previously in a partnership with Honda, the company has broken off with them to be established under the current name. The shares have come crashing down in recent months but is showing signs of rejuvenation, making it one of the best options to invest in.

So quit reading and make some money.